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University Housing / Conference Services / Guest Rules

Guest Rules

Conference groups must abide by all University and residence hall policies as well as the terms and conditions of the Conference Housing Contract. A published list of policies will be given to the conference contact.

Access Cards
Building security is maintained by an electronic access card-reader system. The access card that is issued to you will grant access to the building 24 hours a day. The doors will remain locked 24 hours a day. The outside security doors are equipped with door alarms that will sound if the door is propped for longer than 45 seconds. Please carry your access card with you at all times and do not let persons unknown to you enter the hall. 

Alcohol possession and/or consumption is not permitted in public areas, in compliance with the State and Federal law. Our halls are substance free from tobacco, alcohol and illegal substances.

Consideration for Others
We know that summer camps are a time for fun. Noise often indicates that the participants are enjoying themselves, but, noise levels and camp activities should reflect consideration of others. This is a university environment and classes are in session. Spirit sessions and rowdy playing are inappropriate around classrooms and residence halls. We encourage all groups to remind their participants that their actions affect others. To make the summer experience as enjoyable as possible, we ask that everyone respect those around them.

Any damages found in rooms or public areas after the camp departs will be charged to the camp. University Housing encourages each camp's staff to inform participants in the beginning of their camp about respecting the residence hall property and how to avoid damage charges. For any questions about damages, camp staff should contact the Assistant Director for Conferences.

Disorderly Conduct
Behavior that is disruptive to orderly community living is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, throwing items in the hallways, bouncing balls on floor hallways, pranks, or any other behavior that may cause physical injury or is potentially dangerous to the health and well-being of conference guests.

Fire Alarm/Emergency Situations
If the fire alarm is sounding please be prompt in evacuating the building. The Conference Assistants will address the alarm/fire. For any emergency situation, contact FSUPD at x4-1234. Do not tamper with the fire alarm equipment under any circumstances.

All furniture assigned to guest rooms must remain in the rooms and in its original setup. Do not remove or relocate furniture from room or floor lounges or any other public areas.

Laundry Facilities
In each building there are laundry facilities. To operate the washers and dryers one must have an FSUCard that has a smart chip attached or by purchasing a temporary card from the FSU Card Center. For more information about temporary cards you can visit them at

Pets are not allowed in/around the residence halls.

Room Keys
For security reasons, the room keys are coded with a key code, rather than a room number. Each person will be issued a key, with a spare kept in the hall office. If a key is lost, or a person is locked out of their room, please contact a Conference Assistant at the front desk. The replacement cost of a lost key is $35.00-$75.00 per room. Please return the keychain, access card and key upon check out.

Residence Hall security is a shared responsibility. Always lock your door and carry your keys. Do not unlock or prop open exit doors. Report suspicious persons to the front desk. Avoid going out alone at night and always carry an ID and emergency numbers with you. 

Throwing Objects from Window
For the safety of others, throwing objects from the windows is strictly prohibited. Conference guests are responsible for personal injuries, property damage, or cleaning charges that result from this action. Opening or leaning out of a window is not permitted. Persons are not permitted on window ledges. For your personal safety, access to roofs or ledge areas is prohibited.

Numerous trash cans are located in the hallway for your use. We encourage all guests to use these trash cans, instead of a room can, as these are emptied daily.

There are no active telephone lines within the residence hall rooms. 

Vending Machines
Vending machines are located in each hall; please ask the front desk for an exact location within your hall. 

Work Requests
For any room or public area that has maintenance need, please contact the front desk. We will work to get the problem fixed immediately with the least amount of disturbance to you.