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University Housing / Current Residents / Fall 2014/Spring 2015 Returning Resident Re-Contract / Room Selection with Specific Roommates

Room Selection with Specific Roommates

The information below is only for students that are eligible to participate in the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 Returner Re-Contract process.



  • Students that do not meet the Returner Re-Contract process criteria are not eligible to participate in this process or have their rooms reserved or selected by those that are eligible.
  • All students that want to live together must request each other.
  • Students will be able to select up to 3 roommate requests after submitting their housing contract.
  • By mutually requesting another student, you are authorizing that individual to select a room for you.
  • Room Selection windows will be assigned in order first based on the number of TOTAL COMPLETED CREDIT HOURS (see the FAQ below for definition) on file with the FSU Registrar’s Office as of January 24, 2014 and then randomly if more than 10 students have the same number of total completed credit hours.
  • Students that do not select a room by March 7 will be assigned to a room. Our staff will attempt to assign these students to a space that is as close as possible to their current Spring 2014 assignment based on availability.
  • The Room Selection window will close during Spring Break, March 10-14, in order to assign those that have not yet selected a room.
  • Returning residents with vacancies in their rooms may be consolidated to a different room with the same room type in the same building to allow as many incoming Summer/Fall 2014 admitted student to be assigned together as possible. Consequently, returning residents are strongly encouraged to select rooms with other returning residents during Room Selection.
  • The following limitations will be in effect during the Room Selection process:
    • Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) - No LLC spaces are eligible to be selected.
    • Honors Housing - The number of returning residents spaces in Landis and Gilchrist Halls will be significantly limited in order to make space available for incoming first-year honors students. Only students that are admitted to the FSU Honors Program by January 24 will be eligible to select a room in Landis or Gilchrist Hall.
    • Suite-Style Spaces - The number of suite-style spaces will be limited in order to make adequate space available for Summer/Fall 2013 admitted students.
    • Rooms with Private Bathrooms - Suite-style rooms that do not share a bathroom with another room are very limited, as many of them are held for students that require accommodations due to mobility issues.
    • McCollum efficiency apartments (1/1) - Will be limited to graduate students.



Returning residents must first submit their Fall/Spring housing contract before selecting 1, 2, or 3 roommates. (You are not required to make your prepayment to select roommate requests; however, you are required to pay within 10 days to avoid having your contract cancelled.)

After completing your returner contract, complete the following to request a roommate:

  1. Login to the myHousing portal, if not already logged in
  2. Click "My Home"
  3. Click "Select Roommate Requests"
  4. Follow the prompts on the page. (You will need the last name and date of birth of anyone that you would like to request.)
  5. Check to see if your requested roommate is "Confirmed". If not, have your requested roommate follow these steps to request you.

Due to limited space availability, we strongly encourage mutually requested roommates to discuss their priorities and come up with the list of buildings and room types that they are interested in before Room Selection begins.



For the best chance to get the building and room type that you and your mutually requested roommate(s) would like, the individual with the earliest window start time in your roommate group should select a room/suite/apartment for your group.

At/after your Room Selection appointment, complete the following to select a room:

  1. Login to the myHousing portal, if not already logged in
  2. Click "My Home"
  3. Click "Room Selection"
  4. Follow the prompts on the page.

Click here for a tutorial about how to select a room:


Special Note for Roommate Requests during Room Selection:  Mutually requested roommates can be assigned as a group by the first person in the group with a room selection appointment.  However, once a student has been assigned to a space, whether the student assigned him/herself or was assigned by a mutually requested roommate, the student cannot later be moved by a requested roommate.  If roommates wish to relocate to a different space after the group has been assigned, each student will need to move themselves to the new space.



If there is not space available for you and your roommate(s) in the building and/or room type you want when it is time to select a room:



Do 1 or more of the following:

  • Select a space in a different building. Example: if your group of 4 wanted a Ragans apartment, try a McCollum apartment instead.
  • Select a different room type. Example: if your group wanted an apartment, but none are available, try selecting a suite together instead.
  • Drop one or more of your requested roommates and/or break into smaller groups since smaller groups or individuals will have better chances of finding space than larger groups.



  • Look for a better match by checking back on myHousing as often as you would like through May 1 - THIS IS YOUR BEST CHANCE!



What if I want to live with someone who is an incoming freshmen/off-campus/transfer student?

Spring 2014 on-campus residents that want to live with a current student that lives off-campus or an incoming freshman or transfer student will need to contact the University Housing office after completing their Fall/Spring housing contract. These students will be assigned together to space during Summer 2014 based on the priority and preferences of the student that is not currently living on-campus. This means that returning residents in this position will not be able to secure space in an apartment-style building, since all apartment-style spaces will be selected in the Room Selection process.

Can I preference more than 3 roommates?

Yes, if you and 4 other students would like to select a triple room connected to a double room, you can contact the Assignments staff in the University Housing office to request 4 roommates. You should request 3 of your 4 roommate requests using the instructions found in the Roommate Request Process section above.

There are very few of these rooms on-campus and all of them are in buildings that require you to purchase a meal plan through Seminole Dining.



All students who live in Broward, Bryan, Cawthon, Gilchrist, Jennie Murphree, Landis, and Reynolds Halls are required to purchase a meal plan through Seminole Dining. For questions about meal plan memberships please contact Seminole Dining.



Can I reserve my same room for next year?
Yes, if your current room is available at the time you select your room.
All credit hours that were completed during Fall 2013 or earlier either at FSU with a passing grade or through AP/IB/dual enrollment/transfer credit that has been accepted by FSU. This information will be pulled for the purposes of Room Selection from the FSU Registrar’s Office on January 24, 2014 (this date may be adjusted to a later date, but will not be any earlier).
I require special/medical housing accommodations. What should I do?
By January 24, 2014, students that previously provided documentation must email if they want this considered for the Room Selection process. If you haven't previously provided documentation, this must be provided by January 24. Information about what documentation is required is available on our website.
What if I do not complete both STEP 1 and STEP 2 above by the specified deadlines?
If we are still accepting additional contracts, you would only be able to select a room after all those that completed both steps on time.
What if I have additional semesters of the Florida Prepaid Housing Plan?
Please note this when completing your contract in STEP 1. We will invoice Florida Prepaid directly for your prepayment. 
What happened to my priority number from last year?
We are no longer using priority numbers for the returning resident process.