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University Housing / Current Residents / Residence Hall Painting Policy

Residence Hall Painting Policy

Students may paint individual resident rooms in non-renovated buildings only. Those buildings are Deviney, Dorman, Kellum, and Smith Hall. Students must only use paint provided by University Housing.

Only walls may be painted. Door jambs, base boards, air conditioning units, and closets are not to be painted. Walls must be painted one solid color and no murals are permitted in rooms. Paint, drop cloths, and brushes will be provided. Upon check out, students will not be required to repaint the room.

The first day paint and supplies will be available is University Housing’s official Opening Day to all residents. The paint and supplies will remain available until the first 3 weeks of the semester at the Cawthon Hall Housing Supply Office during business hours, typically 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Please use the callbox outside of Cawthon Hall to contact the Front Desk and gain entry to the hall. 


The following colors are available:

  • Newport Tint (beige)
  • Icicle (blue)
  • Morning Sun (yellow)