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University Housing / Future Residents / Florida Prepaid Housing Plan

Florida Prepaid Housing Plan

The Florida Prepaid Program is a college savings program administered for interested Florida residents by the Florida Prepaid College Board.  Family members must signup for a Florida Prepaid Housing Plan by the student’s 8th grade year.  We encourage students and/or parents interested in learning more about how to sign up for this program to visit their website.

Students that have one or more semesters of the Florida Prepaid Housing Plan can use this to pay for on-campus housing for Fall and/or Spring Semesters.


When Completing Your Housing Contract

  • Complete the FSU Fall/Spring housing contract by March 1.
  • Submit your preferences, including your building preferences.
  • Check the box on the contract that indicates that you have a Florida Prepaid Housing Plan contract. 
  • You do not need to pay the $225 housing contract prepayment as we will collect this from Florida Prepaid on your behalf.
    • If you have already contracted for housing with another state university in Florida, Florida Prepaid may have issued your prepayment elsewhere.  In this case, you will need to pay the FSU housing contract prepayment and request a refund of your prepayment from the other university's housing department. Your refund will typically be issued directly to you less any corresponding cancellation charge.


How Will Your Rent Balance Be Paid?

When your rent is generated, we will request payment directly from Florida Prepaid for the amount they cover (see above).

If your room's rent is not fully covered by Florida Prepaid, you will be responsible for paying the difference using one of the payment options.


Not Attending FSU?

If you will not be attending FSU, please notify us ASAP. We will refund the prepayment we collected from Florida Prepaid on your behalf directly to you, less the cancellation charge indicated in the terms and conditions of the FSU housing contract.

If you want to use your Florida Prepaid Housing Plan at another state university in Florida  (e.g. UF, UCF, USF, etc):

  • Indicate that you have the Florida Prepaid Housing Plan when completing your housing contract with the other university's housing office.
  • Since you already used your prepayment to pay the FSU Housing prepayment, you will need to submit whatever housing prepayment they require out-of-pocket.