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University Housing / Future Residents / Student Mailing Addresses

Student Mailing Addresses

The following is the format for students' mailing addresses, including packages being mailed using USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.:

Student Name
75 N. Woodward Ave. #_____
Tallahassee, FL 32313


The following addresses can be provided to local restaurants for food deliveries:

Broward Hall
Bryan Hall
Cawthon Hall
DeGraff Hall Bldg 1
DeGraff Hall Bldg 2
Deviney Hall
Dorman Hall
Gilchrist Hall
Jennie Murphree Hall
Kellum Hall
Landis Hall
McCollum Hall
Ragans Hall
Reynolds Hall
Rogers Hall
Salley Hall
Smith Hall
Traditions Hall
Wildwood Hall Bldg 1
Wildwood Hall Bldg 2
668 University Way
182 Convocation Way
119 Honors Way
808 W. Tennessee St.
810 W. Tennessee St.
806 University Way
812 W. Jefferson St.
702 University Way
126 Convocation Way
74 Chieftain Way
714 University Way
1165 Academic Way
921 Learning Way
134 Convocation Way
1147 Academic Way
1106 W. Call Street
78 Chieftain Way
945 Learning Way
938 W. Jefferson St.
202 Varsity Drive