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University Housing / Future Residents / What is Overflow Housing?

What is Overflow Housing?

University Housing is committed to providing as many students as possible with the out-of-the-classroom learning and life-enriching experiences that come from living in student housing. As more students choose to attend FSU, the demand for student housing continues to increase.  Due to the continued popularity of living on campus with both returning students and the incoming class, not every student can be assigned to a standard residence hall space immediately.

To house as many students as possible, University Housing has arranged for alternative spaces referred to as overflow housing spaces. Based on the number of standard spaces available and the date of receipt of your signed housing contract, you may be assigned to a space in overflow housing for the start of the semester.

University Housing has extensive experience with overflow housing, and steps have been taken to ensure that you will experience the same benefits of living in a residence hall as those who have been assigned to standard spaces.

What type of room will I be assigned to?

University Housing has converted study rooms/lounges and other common areas to provide additional space to house students. These spaces have been equipped with furnishings similar to those in regular residential rooms; each resident will have a bunk bed and a hanging rack for clothes. In addition, a refrigerator/freezer and internet access will be provided. Most important, the residential life activities and support will be available to students in these spaces, just as they are to students in regular spaces.

When will I be reassigned to a permanent space?

As soon as a standard residential space becomes available, you will be assigned to a permanent living space on campus based on your priority number and contract submission date. We aim to reassign all students in overflow housing within the first few weeks of the semester, as cancellations are received.  However, if we are unable to move all students out of these spaces, some may be converted to permanent spaces for the remainder of the semester.  The occupancy of these converted rooms is similar to standard rooms of the same size.  If an overflow room is converted to a permanent space, the hanging rack is replaced with an armoire, a desk and desk chair for each resident is placed in the room, and the bed may be replaced. 

What is the cost for overflow housing?

Rent for overflow housing is originally billed at the rental rate for a community double (see rates here). The reason for this is that most students that are reassigned out of overflow will be reassigned to a community double. This allows students assigned to overflow to have a better sense of what their rental rate will be, especially since most students assigned to overflow housing will be reassigned before hall opening.

Students that are still assigned to overflow housing at hall opening will have their rent reduced to $15/day for each day they were assigned to overflow housing. Their rent for the remainder of the semester will be prorated based on the daily rate for their new room. This may result in a small refund after the student is reassigned if student's rent is paid in full before being reassigned.

Overflow housing spaces, if converted to a standard space, are billed at the community style rate based on number of occupants when converted.