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Safety on Campus

Safety is a lock and your student is the key. University Housing in conjunction with the FSU Police Department provides a myriad of services intent on keeping students safe on- and off-campus. Below you will find information on residence hall safety as well as campus resources and programs that augment our current security procedures.


Residence Hall Safety

Your student’s safety is University Housing’s utmost priority. We pride ourselves on residence halls that are not only clean, attractive, and conducive to academic success, but also ones that remain safe and secure. Teaching and reinforcing these five simple steps will help your student ensure that their time at Florida State is a safe and productive one.


Lock your doors!

Unauthorized access to student rooms and thefts happen mostly to students who fail to lock their room doors. Because your student will be surrounded by many new friends, it easy for them to be lulled into a false sense of security or to think that no one they know would be capable of stealing from them. One way our staff drives this point home is to have your student think of the five most valuable things in their room and to consider how they would feel if those items disappeared. Failing to lock doors is also a frequent cause of roommate conflict.


Don’t allow tailgating!

“Tailgating” is a term used to refer to non-residents following residents into the hall, thus gaining access due to a resident’s kind spirit. Unfortunately, miscreants can take advantage of your student’s generosity and gain access to the building simply because a door is left open or propped. For this reason, University Housing prohibits doors from being propped open. Locking mechanisms should not be tampered with and should remain fully functional at all times.


Leave your information off of social media, online profiles, etc.

Students are often very proud of their Housing assignment and can’t wait to share it with all their friends. Posting information such as room numbers, hall assignments, or cell phone numbers is not recommended as it provides any individual with an exact location of your student’s whereabouts. Online applications that allow “checking-in” at a certain location can further compromise your student’s safety.


Escort your guests!

While students may find it convenient to simply ask their friends to come directly to their room, University Housing prohibits non-residents from wandering the halls unless they are being escorted by their host. This is true for parents, as well. Think about it – if our staff sees an unknown, older individual in the halls, our first inclination will be to notify FSU Police as that person clearly does not belong in the halls unescorted! All residence halls are accessed by card-swipe access and those who do not have access to the halls should not be allowed to enter.


Notify your front desk of suspicious activity.

Every residence hall has a front desk staffed 24/7. Students who work the desk are trained in crisis management and emergency procedures, and act as an excellent resource in keeping your student safe and secure. Any suspicious activity, or activity that violates University Housing policies, should be reported to the front desk so that it can be addressed immediately. Front desk phone numbers can be found on each individual hall’s web page.


Florida State University Police Department

The FSU Police Department is a fully-accredited law enforcement agency with a focus on proactive crime prevention techniques. Over forty law enforcement officers provide 24/7 coverage of the entire Florida State campus and surrounding area. FSU PD enforces all federal, state, and local laws using campus-wide patrol and community crime prevention programs. FSU PD apprehends criminals, serves search warrants, and investigate crimes that occur within its jurisdiction.


Public Safety Officers are uniformed employees that provide an additional layer of security for Florida State students and staff. They provide services such as parking lot patrols and increased security around Strozier Library during peak hours.


The Florida State University Police Department has a focus on increasing communication between its agency and students. Residence halls have an “Adopt-A-C.O.P.P.,” a sworn member of the FSU Police Department that volunteers to provide additional security to each residence halls by performing extra building checks and alerts staff of potentially unsafe conditions. The Adopt-A-C.O.P.P. makes a concerted effort to be a presence in their assigned residence hall by providing face-to-face interaction with residence students and providing services such as property engraving and registration. Contact information for Adopt-A-C.O.P.P.s can be found here.


Safety on Campus

The Blue Light Trail provides immediate connection to the FSU PD dispatch center. Students who are unable to access or use their cell phone may go to one of over 450 Blue Lights around campus. The reason these lights are sometimes referred to as a “Blue Light Trail” is because students who are unable to wait where they are for police to respond are encouraged to move quickly between lights hitting the call button, which will alert responding officers to the path the student is taking so that contact can be made quickly.


Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) classes are offered for no fee by officers of the Florida State University Police Department. Nationally-certified instructors teach this female-only course that focuses on fighting back, and fighting back effectively! This hands-on self-defense training is offered multiple times a semester. For more information on class information, please consult the FSU PD web page.


The S.A.F.E. Connection is a free safe transportation service provided to students. This partnership between the Student Government Association and FSU PD allows students to be safety escorted to their destination between 7:00 PM and 3:00 AM, seven days a week. Rides and escorts can be obtained by calling 850-644-SAFE.


FSU Guardian is a service offered by FSUPD that provides an additional layer of safety when traveling on-campus. Students can fill out an online profile that details a personal description to be transmitted to FSU PD in the case of emergency. Students with a cell phone that has GPS-tracking technology can be immediately found in the event that they are calling with an emergency, or cannot otherwise communicate their location. It also provides a “timer” service that students can set when traveling across campus where an FSU PD dispatcher will call and check-in if they fail to reach their destination in the time allotted for themselves.


The Citizen’s Police Academy provides an open-door look into the operations of the Florida State University Police Department. This initiative serves as an effort to increase communication and understanding between students and the campus police department. Students are allowed many “hands-on” methods for experiencing police work first-hand.


Further questions regarding residence hall or campus safety can be referred to the Residence Life Office at 850-644-2863 or FSU PD at 850-644-1234.