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University Housing

Summer & Fall 2015 Admitted Students

Congratulations to students admitted for Summer and Fall 2015!  Fall/Spring housing contracts are now available on the myHousing portal for admitted students. You can read more about the Fall/Spring Housing contract process here.

Hall and roommate preferences will be submitted later, via a separate section on the myHousing portal.  Preferences are not listed during the initial contract submission, and can be updated without affecting the priority number through May 1.  

Summer 2015 admitted students – The contracts for incoming freshmen and CARE students for the summer C term are now available on the myHousing portal.


Summer A, B and C contracts for Returning residents, off-campus students and incoming transfer students will be available starting at 9am on Thursday, March 26th. Click here for important information and how to contract.



Did you know that wireless printers can slow down Resnet Wi-Fi?It’s best to turn off your printer’s wireless option and connect to your printer with a USB cable. Check your printer manual to find out how. And voila . . . faster Wi-Fi for everyone!


Living-Learning Communities

Have you already applied for a Living-Learning Community (LLC)? To see your updated application status or accept any LLC invitation, log back into the LLC application now. Don’t skip this step! Invitations appearing on April 22 will be withdrawn if not accepted by 11:59 PM EDT Saturday, April 25

Missed the April 6 LLC deadline? Apply as an alternate April 22-25.


Device Registration

Students looking to gain network access on gaming or streaming devices, such as Xbox, Playstation, or Apple TV, must register the device's wired MAC address. Click here to sign in and begin managing your registered devices.