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University Housing / About Us

About FSU Housing

Our Mission

University Housing - Providing exceptional living opportunities for students to succeed academically. 

Our Core Values

  • Support of the University's academic mission
  • Student centered, inclusive environment
  • Stewardship of fiscal, facility, and human resources
  • Systematic assessment for quality enhancement
  • Student development oriented service 

Welcome from University Housing

Welcome to the University Housing website! Here you should be able to find all the information about the multiple on-campus housing options available to students at Florida State University. While there is no residency requirement, those of us who work with college students firmly believe that living on campus has a positive effect on students' academic success and successful transition to college.There is longstanding research which shows that students who live in a residence hall for at least one year do better academically, are more likely to graduate on time, and look back on their total experience more favorably than those who never lived on campus.

Those admitted students who apply earliest will have the most flexibility in their choice of housing options. With an enrollment of over 40,000 students, we cannot house all who request housing. So apply for housing as soon as you are admitted to ensure a place on campus.

If you search the website and have questions that remain unanswered by the information provided, please contact our office for assistance. We look forward to serving you through your on-campus experience.